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You’ve done a great job of balancing multiple obligations and juggling numerous responsibilities, and it’s helped your life look on the outside like everything you want it to be. You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are, but you’re empty inside. You feel anxious, stressed out, and overwhelmed all the time.

You thought life would be different by now, but you find yourself caught on a seemingly endless hamster wheel. You help others get their needs met while neglecting your own, and nothing you do or say seems to be good enough.

You feel taken for granted and unappreciated. When life throws you an unexpected curveball, you feel both stuck and immobilized.

You know you can’t continue like this. You’ve cried to your family, vented to your friends, and watched every Youtube video/listened to every podcast on the planet in order to find the magic remedy for peace, balance, and satisfaction.

You throw yourself into your work and put all of your energy into taking care of everyone around you in hopes that at some point, you will finally feel valued and that your life has meaning and purpose.

You’re at your breaking point. You’re fed up with feeling burned out, and you’re tired of spinning your wheels while going nowhere. You’re ready to do whatever it takes to make change.

You need insight from a therapist who has your back so that you can break long-standing patterns, shift your outlook, and learn to trust yourself.

Therapy with Janice Moran Counseling, PLLC is the place for you to explore connections between your past and present in order to come up with a plan, take action, and create the future you want. When you schedule a session with me, we’ll take a look at the core beliefs you hold about yourself so you can rewrite your story.  

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