It’s hard to express yourself.  You worry about what others will think or say about your thoughts and ideas.  Others always seem to know what to say and how to act in any situation.  You tend to go along with what others want, because it’s easier to simply agree than to possibly make waves.  When you try to speak up, you don’t feel heard.  You wonder if your opinions matter.  You often tell yourself that you’re not good enough.  Sometimes, you worry so much about others’ reactions that you isolate yourself from family gatherings and social situations.

You try so hard to help others.  You do your best to anticipate their needs, and you are the first to jump in and help out.  However, it never feels like it’s enough.  Also, your kindness doesn’t always seem to be returned.  No one is taking care of you.  Your needs are always put on the back-burner.

You’ve had enough.  You deserve to be appreciated.  You want to communicate with others about what you need and want.  You want to feel satisfied and be proud of your accomplishments.

I will help you learn how to embrace self-care and put yourself first in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being selfish.  You will learn how to say no, so that you can say yes to the things that truly matter to you.  We will explore deeply ingrained messages that have led you to feel like you’re not important and restructure them so that you speak to and about yourself with love and kindness.

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