Adjusting to Blindness

Losing your vision has left you feeling lost and alone, even among your family and friends.  You often find yourself paralyzed with fear.  Trying to come to terms with blindness leaves you feeling stuck.  You have difficulty completing basic tasks, and you find yourself making simple mistakes.  It’s like being reborn and having to learn how to do everything all over again.  You’re having trouble finding your sense of independence.  You’re not sure who you are anymore.

Having a family member who is blind presents challenges you never thought you would face.  There is so much information out there that it is easy to feel overloaded and overwhelmed.  The only constant within your family at this point is change.  It is hard juggling daily tasks and making sure everyone is getting attention and having their needs met.

You want someone to help you make sense of all of this.  You want to regain independence and find balance within your family.  You are desperate to get beyond the diagnosis and get back to enjoying life.

As a therapist who has been blind since birth, I get it.  My passion is helping to break down barriers around blindness.  Blindness doesn’t have to be scary.  You can live a fulfilling life with a strong sense of identity.  We will navigate the adjustment process together.  By rediscovering your strengths and resources, you will regain your sense of independence and self-confidence.  Together, we will explore family roles and dynamics in order to strengthen your relationships.

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